Barclays Personal Loan up to 25000

Barclays Personal Loan up to 25000

For a Barclays Personal Loan up to £25000 to borrow, this amount over 60 months (5 years) and monthly repayments will be £490.29. For many people, finding the cash for big purchases such as a car or kitchen refurbishment, can be very difficult. Thankfully, it is possible to borrow large amounts from Barclays Bank, without too much trouble.

Loans of between £15,100 and £25,000 are available and a provisional offer can be checked online.

To apply for a loan you have to be a Barclays account holder and you can apply by using the online banking service or completing an online application form. Once your application is approved and the agreement signed and returned, your money can be transferred to your current account immediately.

Barclays Personal Loan up to £25000 Representative APR

If you want to know more about the repayments it is possible to use an online Barclays personal loan calculator. This will give you details of the interest rate that most people will be charged. You will be given a figure for the interest charged. It is known as the representative APR, but is not necessarily the rate you’ll be expected to pay. The final interest rate is only determined when you make your application.

The Figures for a Personal Loan of £25,000

To give you an idea of the monthly repayments we’ll break down the details for a loan of £25,000. Borrow this amount over 60 months (5 years) and your monthly repayments will be £490.29. The total amount payable is £29,417.40, at a representative APR of 6.8%. If you wanted to borrow this amount over a shorter period of time the repayments would be different. For example, over 36 months (3 years) the monthly repayments would be £767.33. The total amount payable would be £27,623.88, at a representative APR of 6.8%.

Barclays Bank offers a Price Guarantee

It’s worth shopping around once you’ve taken out a Barclays loan because you will be eligible to a reduced interest rate if another provider offers you a better deal. The guarantee, however, is only valid for 30 days after signing the Barclays agreement. Certain terms and conditions do apply, and these are clearly laid out on the Barclays Bank website.

Barclays Personal Loan up to £25000 Top-ups and Early Repayment

If you already have a Barclays loan and would like to borrow a little bit more it is possible to increase your borrowing. Loans are available up to £50,000 and can be repaid over a maximum of 5 years. Taking out a second loan is another option. Repaying a loan early could well be an option worth considering. However, you will be charged a fee that equals 30 days’ interest, based on the amount borrowed plus any interest due.