Argos Personal Loan Application Details

Argos Personal Loan Application Details

Argos Personal Loan – Any applicant can borrow from a minimum of £1,000 to a maximum of £20,000.

At any point in life, there comes a time whereby there is a need for a credit facility. Argos loan can take care of that situation. All they need is detailed information about the loan required and the repayment period.

Argos Personal Loan Application Process

The application process is quite easy, with the personal loan calculator; the applicant can get all the loan details from one click of a button.

The information helps in gauging the financial capability, the needs of the loan, the principal amount to borrow, the interest rate applicable, and the repayment period. Customers can apply for loan, bearing in mind that they have between 12 to 60 months to clear the loan.

The APR representative is about 9.9%, specifically for loans from £7,000 to £15,000. So, if you need a car or have an emergency, start making that application.

Application Requirements

Requirements to secure Argos loan include the applicant must be 23 years old and above, and the maximum age limit is 70 years. The age bracket is applicable at the date of application. Secondly, the applicants must be a resident of the United Kingdom for at least three years.

The application process is simple like other lenders; the customer will apply for loan and get an instant response. There are no extra charges in the application, and repayments are constant. There is additional information needed that will help in speeding up the application process.

  1. A bank sort code helps in knowing where to transfer the funds
  2. Credit or debit card details, for verification purposes
  3. Personal home telephone number and address details
  4. If employed, the employer’s details
  5. Monthly income details, any rent or mortgage
  6. Ensure there is no adverse credit history, such as late or missed repayment or bankruptcy.
  7. Remember that a customer is not allowed to make a joint loan application

Customers should know that personal loans are a big financial commitment. It takes a couple of years to pay off the loan; hence, there is a need to be careful when making the application. The beauty of it is that a customer has access to a personal loan calculator. It is available on the website, with the ability to compare over 200 loans before making the decision.

Argos Personal Loan Calculator

The calculator helps to get the breakdown of the total cost and the monthly installments. As a customer, there is a need to input the principal amount that you want and preferred monthly repayments. The system will generate the estimate of the Representative Annual Percentage Rate for the loan size.

The annual percentage, the repayment amount, and the installment size might change when the loan is successful. A practical example, when you get a £3,000 loan facility, at the Representative APR of 13.9 for 36 months, the monthly repayment will be about £94.91. The total amount repayable is the principal amount plus interest. Maximum APR is 29.9%; this makes it easier for any customer to access the simple and stress-free loan facility.